Testimonials from our RagaMuffin Kitten Owners

Adopt A RagaMuffin KittenIn August of 2009 our Maine Coon Cat died of heart disease. He was only 7 years old. It was a very sad time for us. We were not sure if we wanted another cat. After a few days we decided that a house needs a cat to be complete. After much research we found G.W. Muffins in Kearney, Missouri. The web site was very informative and the pictures of the Kittens were wonderful. At first, we were going to get one cat, but upon further thought we decided to get two cats, so that they would have someone to play with when we had to leave the house. We had also realized that these two sisters were inseparable.

We received our two cats, Nova and Celena (which we have renamed ZuZu and Dolce) in November of 2009. They were born August 5th of 2009. Both cats are healthy and very people oriented. They seek us out except when they are not engaged in chasing each other about the house. They are a riot to watch when they play wrestle each other. In addition, Susan, the owner of G.W. Muffins, has become a good friend. She has been available to answer questions or offer advice about caring for our new cute, cuddly kittens.

If you are in the market for a new addition to the family and you do not want to carry a baby for nine months, look to G.W. Muffins. If you have any questions, Susan will be able to give you the information you need to make a decision. We could not be happier with our decision to adopt these little girls, they are everything we have read about and much more!!

Chris & Ann in Kansas

Adopt A RagaMuffin CatI am a first-time kitty mommy. Although I grew up with cats as pets, none left paw prints on my heart. That changed when I got my 2 RagaMuffins, almost immediately. Quinncy & Cyerrah, brother and half-sister born 4 months apart (“QuinnCyerrah”), act like children, and most of the time they are next to or near me, and are about as affectionate and lovable (both to me and to each other!) as any of my favorite dog pets have been. They are stunningly gorgeous cats, and have distinct personalities to match their beauty. In only 4 months’ time, I cannot imagine life without them. They are simply awesome pets and have brought me such joy and laughter!

Susan Quinn

When my daughter graduated from college and was able to move into an apartment that would allow pets, we began looking for a pet for her. An internet search turned up the cutest pictures of Ragamuffins, and after searching for breeders we found Susan at GW Muffins. From the very first email I sent asking for information, Susan has answered every question we have had about the breed and the care of Ragamuffins. We could tell she raises these kittens with all the love and attention you could possibly give. She knows each kitten’s personality and helped us pick out the perfect kitten for my daughter. She kept us updated with pictures and emails, and when it was time to pick up “Bear” we were invited into her home and got to meet and play with all the cats and kittens.

“Bear” has been a dream-come-true for Erica ~ a first pet who is spoiled and pampered and loved 🙂

After such a positive experience with Susan, I decided I needed a “furrever friend” too. We brought “Zander” home in April and he has been a wonderful addition to our empty nest. We thoroughly enjoy his playful antics, and also his laid back, stretched out purr-mode! My husband (who has always been a dog-person) has been surprised at how much fun a cat can be! Zander has captured our hearts and our home 🙂

I would certainly recommend that anyone looking for a kitten should contact Susan. Her love of animals, especially Ragamuffins, is evident in the way she breeds and cares for her beloved pets. You will truly get the sweetest “Muffin” from GW Muffins!


I wanted to let you know our 2 cats are doing great. Our second kitten has adjusted well to his new home and I can’t believe it has already been 3 months.

Almost 4 years ago when we got our first kitten, you told me, “Once you get one Ragamuffin, it is hard to stop with just one! “ At the time I was a new kitty mom and didn’t know if I could handle one kitten, let alone two. However now that I’ve done this twice, I can honestly say, you were right.

You’ve been so kind and patiently answered all of our questions. After careful consideration, we knew our family was ready for another cat. Although I have no doubt it would have been an easier transition if we would have taken your advice and adopted sibling kittens, I am glad to know it wasn’t too late for our family to add a second kitten.

As you know our first kitten is a calico — She is beautiful and knows it! I had so many concerns and I was afraid as persnickety as she can be and given the fact that she was over 3 years old, she would never accept this kitten. However with your great advice, we took it slow, followed your instructions for a cat & kitten introduction, and now they get along great.

Sassy, our female calico, does not hesitate to let the kitten know who is in charge of the house. If he steps out of line or she is not in the mood to play, she will occasionally hiss at him, but thankfully he just flops over at her feet and starts purring. He is number two kitty in the house and thanks to his laid back personality, he is completely fine with that role. We’ve enjoyed watching them play together, chase each other and although they do not sleep together yet, they have no problems sharing a cat tree or a bed.

Thank you again for helping us select the perfect kitten for our family! I am convinced now that if we can do it anyone can. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how they are doing. If any of your future kitten families have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to share our experience. All the best.

Kathleen in Texas

I am thankful every day that I chose to get my little love muffin from GW Muffins. Susan is an amazing kitty caregiver and provides the most healthful and loving environment for all of her cats. I could not have asked for a better adoption experience. Susan is caring, accessible, and very knowledgeable. As a first time kitty mommy, I had a lot of questions and wanted to know everything necessary to care for such an amazing animal. She answered all of my questions thoroughly with extreme patience and kindness. She provided me with the cutest pictures of my growing kitten and adorable little stories about her developing personality. In July 2014, I received the best kitten I could have ever imagined- in health, beauty, and temperament. Chloe, a tortoiseshell and white, is my little princess, spunk muffin, and cuddle bug. She is a smaller-sized female, but has a big personality. Chloe is my curious little shadow and loves to investigate everything I am doing. She is quite the hunter and loves sneaking up and then pouncing on her “prey” (whether it is a mouse or a paper bag). She is very outgoing and welcomes strangers at the door. Chloe is gentle and loves to cuddle. She will climb into your lap as you sit down and lay on her back just asking to be pet. She absolutely loves belly rubs and has the softest fur. She won’t eat dry food, but loves canned food and freeze-dried chicken treats. I cannot imagine my life without Chloe and only wish I had found GW Muffins sooner. When I am ready to add another muffin to the family, Susan will be the first person I turn to. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering a Ragamuffin to share my wonderful experience.

Sincerely, Kelsey

When I met Bogie, my new RagaMuffin boy, at Reagan National Airport, it was love at first sight for me! He was a little reserved at first, either a little shy or maybe playing hard to get! I’m sure he missed Susan, his brother Linus, and the only home he had known, but he really started warming up to me, and my two Abyssinians, Sophie and Emma, after just a few days. Now, he seems delighted to have joined our little family. Once you experience the RagaMuffin breed, it is oh so difficult to be without at least one. Bogie seemed unfazed by his very first plane trip back on that September day when he was brought by courier from Missouri to Virginia! It is now November, and I am so happy I chose one of Susan’s babies. There hasn’t been one tense moment between Bogie and the two Abyssinians, as he is extremely intelligent and seemed to sense right away that he had landed among two cats who regard themselves as princesses of the cat world. I had to laugh when I saw that one of his favorite places to sleep was on a high stack of my clothes, almost like “the prince and the pea” variation of the classic fairy tale. His coat is still as plush as the day he arrived, and the brown and white classic tabby markings are beautiful. He’s pictured with Sophie, my ruddy Abyssinian, who holds her own during their daily wrestling matches. So don’t hesitate to add one of Susan’s GW Muffins to your cat family! Thanks, Hugs and Purrs!