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We currently have no kittens available.  

Check out our Adults/Retired Breeders page for older muffins looking for a home!



               No Kittens available.  We are expecting a litter in spring.  Check back for updates.                       


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Some notable differences between the Ragdoll and the RagaMuffin are as follows:
  • Muffins have a shorter, more scooped nose.
  • Muffins have heads that are more dome-shaped at the crown; the top of the Ragdoll's head is more flat.
  • Muffins are more "chubby" in appearance.
  • Muffins ears are tilted forward rather than wide-spaced to the sides, making them appear to be listening intently.
  • The Muffin's eyes are walnut-shaped instead of almond-shaped.
  • The best Muffin coat is slightly shorter and thicker than the Ragdoll's longer coat.
  • Muffins have thicker whisker pads which give them a sweet, cherub-looking face that you just want to pinch :)
  • The colors are a major difference!  Muffins come in a large variety of colors and patterns, including minks, pointed, tabbies, & sables, while Ragdolls are only recognized in pointed and bi-color patterns.
  • Eye color- Ragdolls have blue eyes while RagaMuffins are born with a wide variety of colors, including the gorgeous aqua-blue color of the minks and odd-eyed colors of blue and gold.
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